Celicia Soria

Voice Actress


Commercial Demo


Celicia is a voice actress based out of Dallas, Texas. From childhood, Celicia has always loved cartoons, anime and video games. Celicia is continuously participating in voice over work shops and classes to hone her acting skills. Celicia has a home studio setup and uses equipment from brands such as AKG and Focusrite. If you're looking for your "Can Do" girl you are in the right place!


It’s as hard to describe Celicia’s voice as it is to read her name out loud. That is to say, I just had to think about it for a moment. That’s because her voice is so unique, and sure to give your audio project a one-of-kind quality. I recently hired over twenty voice actors for an audiobook, and Celicia’s voice stands out among the rest. Her register emits the sound of innocence and joy. When my daughter grows up to be a teenager, she’ll likely need to emulate Celicia’s voice to melt my cold heart and borrow my car. Celicia is very professional and easy to work with. Response and turnaround times couldn’t be better. A great value! I will hire her for future projects, and so should you.